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Academics Through Play

The best way to teach children at this age is through play. “Play is the work of children” Maria Montessori*. We use games, toys, songs, and dance. There are appropriate times to come together as a group and hear about a new concept. The way to make this concept (letter, number, color, shape…) stick in a child’s brain is through play. There is a time and place for writing letters, numbers and shapes, and we provide that. The deep learning, however, comes through play. Examples of play can be:

  • separating all the fruits and vegetables in the dramatic play area by color.
  • searching the room for every toy that begins with the letter B.
  • taking a walk through the hallway to find rectangles

*Author of The Absorbent Mind, The Secret of Childhood, and The Discovery of the Child


Faith Based Learning

We believe that God is sovereign over all.  Our focus is to help students make the following connections.

  • We see God at work through History.
  • We see His hand in creation.
  • We see His sense of order in Mathematics and Science.
  • We see His love in words.
  • We see His joy in music.
  • We share His love in relationships.
  • We learn how God wants us to live through Bible stories.
  • We can keep God’s Word close to our hearts through Bible Memory.

Background Checks & Training

Your child’s safety is important to us. All adults working with your child undergo:

  • Annual background checks. In addition, any felony committed during the school year must be reported to the administration.
  • Annual drug tests. In addition, random drug tests, and tests if questions arise regarding improper use of medications or drugs.
  • Annual CPR and First Aid certification
  • Annual Health and Safety class
  • Annual Child Abuse and Neglect class
  • Continuing education

Teachers and aides: View webinars to stay current on new practices

Cook: Annual Serve-Safe class


Subsidized Funding Options

Community Preschool is currently qualified to receive CCDF (Child Care and Development Fund) vouchers to pay for part or all of a student’s tuition.

We are continuing to work toward Pathways to Quality Level 4. This would provide scholarships for students in addition to the vouchers. The earliest we can expect to receive this aid is December 2020 since we need a full school year to qualify for Level 4.

If you have applied for the voucher and are still not able to afford the tuition, please call the preschool. Reduced tuition may be available through other sources.

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Dedicated Physical Education

Community Preschool believes in caring for the whole child. Part of this care includes teaching good exercise and movement habits.

  • Daily
    • We have a 30-minute period every day for PE.
  • Twice Weekly
    • We use a PE stations program developed by Jack Capon to work on balance and coordination twice a week.
    • We use a PE program developed by CSI (Christian Schools International) to work on fitness awareness and body control twice a week
  • Weekly
    • We teach outdoor games (Red Light Green Light, Mother May I…), or other equipment (the parachute, scooters, bouncy balls…) once a week.

5 Days / Week

Our program is unique because we teach 5 days a week. This gives your child the consistency and routine that is so important at this age. This program also helps working parents or parents going back to school. You can be assured that your child is in an environment where they can thrive.


Extended Day Option

Families can choose from two options this year.

  • 8:00AM – 1:00 PM session includes 1 snack, lunch, PE, 1 recess
  • 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM session incudes 2 snacks, lunch PE, 2 recess times, and rest time

Eat Lunch at School

Lunch and snack(s) are included in the cost of tuition. Mrs. Schurman takes a Serve Safe class every year and is trained to handle food with all due precautions. The state inspector may come at any time to check kitchen, routines, books, and recipes.

A lunch menu is published once a month so you know what your child is going to have for lunch each day. Daily snacks include cereal, fruit bars, fruits and vegetables.

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