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4 & 5 Year Olds

$135/week for 8am-1pm • $160/week for 8am-3pm

  • Teachers have strong educational backgrounds and experience
  • Play based learning
  • Two recesses and 30 minutes of PE
  • Students are well prepared for Kindergarten
  • Vouchers and Scholarships are available
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3 Year Olds - Coming Soon

  • Working on this program for the 2021-2022 school year
  • Teachers have strong educational backgrounds and experience
  • Consistent 5 day a week program
  • Voucher and Scholarships will apply to this program

4 & 5 Year Olds

We have a 4 & 5-year-old program designed to give your child the skills they need to be prepared for kindergarten.

Academics Through Play

Students are introduced to academics through play. 4 & 5-year olds learn through touching, feeling and manipulating things. We give them lots of practice with key concepts through games, puzzles, stamps, art and more. Another crucial lifelong skill is socialization. We give students guidance in resolving conflicts so they learn to do this on their own.


Physical Education

This age requires a lot of movement. We limit the time of whole group instruction. We do this in small chunks throughout the day. We give them freedom to move around in the classroom between stations. We also get them moving in our gym class which is 30 minutes every day. We use the playground for recess every morning for 20 minutes (weather permitting) and for those who stay until 3:00 pm we have another 20-minute recess in the afternoon.


Reading & Writing

We give many opportunities to learn language through jokes and riddles, discussions and stories. Reading is one of the most important ways to teach vocabulary, empathy, about the world around us and so much more. We also share Bible Stories and memorize verses.


Students learn math skills through calendar time, counting and lots of games and real-world experiences. For instance, if two boys want all the cars for their track, they will talk through the idea of counting the cars and dividing them in ½.



We do science experiments. We talk about the weather and seasons. We have a beautiful trail to walk through the woods! We collect bugs, leaves stones and other fun things to check out with our magnifying glass.

Art & Projects

Students have opportunities to work with pencils, crayons, markers, scissors, glue water color and tempera paint, and more to make their own unique art work. Some projects are introduced and worked on as a class and some things are open for students to experiment with individually during center time.

Social Studies

Students have opportunities to develop Social Studies awareness and skills. They learn about our country, our pledge, and our community. We share stories of presidents and other historic figures.


Daily Schedule

Arrival & Welcome

Fine Motor Activities (on the tables), Devotions & Prayer

Gym time/Gross Motor

Calendar, Story & Snack


Interest Areas/Small Groups



Rest time

Snack & Recess

Bible Story

Interest Centers

Group Meeting & Closing Prayer

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